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The TranSys passenger transport software suite is a carefully crafted set of software based tools, designed specifically for Passenger Transport Management primarily for the niche area of Local Authorities. TranSys is deployed in numerous councils across the United Kingdom and is designed to give the often much needed balance between quality of service and economic savings.
To date, TranSys represents ten years of accumulated customer feedback and many iterations of software engineering to provide the best tool for the job.

Passenger Management

TranSys passenger transport software provides the ability to capture and store passenger information for operational use. This information can be imported as part of KL2’s project setup function or manually input by users as an ongoing process.
Our passenger transport software allows for the recording of operationally essential information such as personal addresses, shared addresses, personal particulars, disabilities, equipment required for transport, seating/space required on vehicle and loading times etc. for use within the various elements of our passenger transport software. The passenger record also stores geo-address data in the form of longitude and latitude information. Transys utilises several tools to geo-code addresses, principally gazetteer searches but also street level map search and pinpoint. This enables users to accurately identify the location of every passenger ready for the routing and scheduling functionality.
The TranSys package can also be used to attach and store electronic documents for fast access to information. Letters from doctors, Day centres, social workers etc can all be attached to the passenger record, enabling users to quickly access this information when needed. This function is familiar to anyone who has used email attachments.
TheThe software integrates this information into many areas of the application, for example manifest sheets with information such as equipment required, disability type and number of seats needed etc., helping you monitor and manage your transport logistics.

Routing and scheduling

TranSys provides routing and scheduling to aid planning and to identify transport efficiencies. Users can plan on screen changing the itinerary information, load times and wait times, recalculating in real-time with the ability to view the results on a map view. Changes can be replicated across days of the week, reducing replication of effort but with the flexibility to have unique itineraries for each day if required.
Passengers can be added to routes using an automated suggestion facility that takes into account all relevant factors, such as proximity to existing passengers, vehicle capacity and suitability.
Route run histories and futures are available as a month-view which allow users to ahead intelligently as well as review previous trips.

By utilising the OptimiZer module users are able to view existing routes on the map, manipulating and building routes through a geographical interface. Also, By working with the servive need of the passengers, the software has the ability to suggest optimal routes for either a fleet of vehicles, or the most econonical and optimal routes for the passengers required, thereby suggesting the size and capacity of the fleet you require.

Tasks, reminders and the diary

The TranSys tasks and reminders section allows users to access fully integrated and transparent diary and task planning tools. These tools give users the ability to schedule tasks & events for both passengers and resources ensuring that all Trips are completed. By linking passengers, staff, vehicles, users and destination sites together every element of your transport operation can be managed utilising the diary systems to control what is important.

Resource control

TranSys employs numerous tools designed to offer “issue solving” functionality and highlight problems in a graphical way. Resources can be viewed in easy to interpret graphical interfaces where issues such as vehicle unavailability, staff shortages and time overlaps can be shown with changing colours. Resolutions can be found by simply right clicking the mouse to give the users options to solve the issues.

Destinations sites

TranSys provides a full destination site database. Destination sites can be tagged with important information such as contact details & opening times. The Sites are all geo-coded to give exact map location ensuring that the routing and scheduling system can find the most effective routes.


The TranSys database holds comprehensive details of  the vehicles utilised in the transportation of the Clients. By identifying vehicle specification and equipment such as tail lifts, seating capacity and seating configuration options (removable seats for different wheel chair options), our passenger transport software can provide users with the optimum choices ensuring advantages for both the department and its passengers. Multiple layout profiles can be created to reflect the real-world usage of the fleet.

Staff Management

TranSys records information to help manage transport staff members such as drivers and passenger assistants. By recording essential information such as address, working hours, split shifts etc, TranSys can be used as a full time resource management which assists in the planning of regular routes and trips. Qualifications are tied into the task & reminders system, so staff training can also be managed with this facility of our passenger transport software.


KL2’s TranSys passenger transport software provides users with a number of reports and exports enabling the production of management information and essential documentation. Reports are split into a variety of sub sections allowing users to easily view and select suitable formats.
There is also a facility for custom exports to be loaded into our passenger transport software by the user, so new customised data extracts are only a phone call and an email away.
We are constantly adding new reports and variations modified to our customer requests.

Modular Design

Our passenger transport software forms a modular design meaning that users can select the modules that serves their needs and add to this as requirements develop. Adding to our passenger transport software is simple as further modules integrate with the same shared database system. This allows other departments to enjoy the many different tools and options that TranSys provides whilst allowing passenger data to be separated into specific modular groups or shared between modules depending on requirements. Each module is designed around a working practice, such as regular passenger transport, request based transport, dial-s-ride, private hire etc. so only the functions most applicable need to be purchased.

Contract management

With the TranSys Organisation database contractual relationships with internal departments and outside agencies can be managed. A comprehensive system for tracking purchaser and provider contract costs, married with reporting, invoice exports and auditing, mean you will always be able to watch the pennies and let the pounds take care of themselves.

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TranSys is a comprehensive passenger transport software package firmly aimed at improving efficiency and lowering costs. If you are interested in seeing what this software can do for you, then why not contact us to arrange a demonstration?
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